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Introduction to South Asian Weddings

This was my very first South Asian wedding! This couple was specifically Sikh so the ceremony and traditional aspects were of Sikh origin. This being my first one I had NO CLUE what to expect. I definitely did my research, but sometimes when you’re not familiar with a culture you don’t really know what to look for! Keep reading to find out my TOP 5 TIPS FOR A SOUTH ASIAN WEDDING. I’ll link some of my favorite info pages as well as the vendors for this wedding at the end! If you’re looking for South Asian Wedding vendors definitely read on!

Tips For South Asian Weddings

1.) First and foremost find a Photographer that fits EXACTLY what you need! They don’t necessarily need experience in South Asian weddings but definitely be prepared to explain important details to them. My clients made me a very detailed slide show presentation of all important events and explained WHY they were important. Explaining why is just as important as telling them about it so your photog can get a full understanding of what the evet means. Any good photographer will do their own research as well though! Just make sure you are 100% communicative about your expectations.

2.) Higher a Second shooter and maybe even an assistant! South Asian weddings tend to be large and having an extra set of hands is crucial to delivering a beautiful and diverse wedding gallery. My Second Shooter for this wedding was a HUGE help and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a fulL gallery without her help.

3.) There are different kinds of South Asian Weddings! Don’t lump all South Asian weddings in as “Indian Wedding” this can be offensive since there are multiple types of South Asian weddings all with different traditions! This couple was Sikh so their traditions would be different from a Buddhist or Hindu wedding. Click the link to read more about South Asian Culture Differences.

4.) Typically most everyone is family, so having your bride and groom give you a list of grouping names for family photos is really really helpful! This would be the time to hand that list to your assistant or if you didn’t get an assistant hand it to a family member who knows everyone by name. Hopefully they aren’t afraid of calling out names on the list!

5.) Have fun! The biggest difference I noticed between western weddings and South Asian weddings is the celebration. This wedding was BY FAR the most lively ad celebrity wedding I have ever been too! Everyone was on the dance floor the whole time and the bride and groom’s family did performances. It was truly just a big beautiful celebration. Obviously get the images you need, but don’t be afraid to celebrate with your couple a little! They just made one of the biggest commitments of their lives and it SHOULD be celebrated!

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